INTEROB, in order to respond to the demands of evolution in terms of technology of industry 4.0 has integrated within its engineering processes the following simulation tools. These tools are aimed at optimizing the design, validation and final commissioning, with the aim of ensuring the final integration, adjusted to the needs of the client, before its real manufacture, being able to anticipate solutions to possible problems found in the simulation process.

Our customer-centric concept design allows us to offer tailored solutions in top companies in the automotive Tier-1/2, OEMs:






Cross car beam


Battery tray

Battery box

  • We develop the concept, design, building and instalment of cells and lines, adapting them to your specifications, cycle times and process integration all along your production chain.
  • We’ll be always in coordination with your team to respect timing plans, ensuring the maximum quality of all proceedings.
  • We take on any kind of project, regardless of how complex it is.
  • We bring your company the resource planning you need.
  • We provide supplier and subsupplier service, managing 3rd party partners.
  • We take the responsibility for line sign-off with the required quality and volume of production.
  • And, of course, we offer you the experience of 20 years in the automation industry.

Customised engineering solutions for your business 

Customised engineering solutions for your business 

Customised engineering solutions for your business