INTEROB, has experience in large projects for the most important and valuable commodities in the automotive market.

Our customer-centric concept design allows us to offer tailored solutions in top companies in the automotive Tier-1/2, OEMs:

Body In White A/B/C-Pilar, bumper, Cross Car Beam, Door-Ring, etc

Subframe, front axle, rear axle, cradle, control arm, etc

Battery tray / boxes etc

Last projects:

  • CCB aluminium with
Rear Axle
Front Subframe
Rear Axle
Front/Rear bumper
Cross Car Beam / Instrument Panel
H Pillar
Battery box / Battery tray
A Pillar

Last projects:

CCB made in aluminium and welded with MIG technology


To respond to the demands of evolution of technology INTEROB has integrated within its engineering processes innovative and high qualified tools. These tools are aimed at optimizing the design, validation, and final commissioning, with the aim of ensuring the final integration, adjusted to the needs of the client, before its real manufacture, being able to anticipate solutions to possible problems found in the simulation process.

Virtual Commissioning. PLC Simulation and Programming

Tecnomatix virtual test solutions allow you to eliminate failures of automation control logic and PLC code in a virtual environment before offloading it to the real equipment. By simulating and validating the automation equipment virtually, it will significantly reduce the installation cost and commissioning time of the system.

Process Simulate

It allows working in both data-driven and file-based environments for the development of robotics and automated production systems. These tools cover multiple levels of robotic simulation and work area development, from individual robotic stations to production lines and entire areas. This allows you to work with online automation systems much more quickly and with fewer errors.

CAD/CAE design

It is the most common tool to develop projects in automotive industry. Grippers and fixtures are currently designed taking into consideration customer or process constraints using CATIA.


Digital Manufacturing

Welding Processes for new materials


Digital Industry